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Prayer Service

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Church School

Portraits of people with different origins


Church School I
(Sunday 8:15 am)

Church School II
(Sunday 8:15 am)

Transition Bible Study
(Sunday 8:15 am)

New Candidates
(Sunday 8:15 am)

Corporate Bible Study
(Tuesday 6:30 pm)

Intercessory Prayer Service (Weekdays 7:45 pm)


Children/Youth New Candidates (Sunday 8:15 am)
Children/Youth Bible Study (2nd & 4th Saturday 5:00 pm)
Children/Youth New Candidates (Sunday 8:15 am)


VIPs Bible Study (Tuesday 11:00 am)


MKC Bible Study (1st & 3rd Saturday 9:00 am)

Young Adult

Young Adult Bible Study (Thursday 6:30 pm)

All Ages

Worship Service
(Sunday 9:30 am)
Corporate Prayer Service
(Weekdays 7:00 am)

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Prayer Request Form

The Mount Airy prayer warriors are committed to praying for the expressions, challenges, healing, and good news of our congregation, family, and friends.

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